August 22, 2018

From product and service provider to costumer centric

BRF kredit is a Danish mortgage bank offering real estate financing to private costumers, business customers and customers in subsidized housing. BRF were looking to make their digital offerings more user friendly and change their focus from products and services to focus on the costumers needs. In this project, I was tasked with improving the user experience of the BRF website and online loan calculators.

Proposed solution

A part of the redesign included maturing the shift in perspective from "What services do we offer our customers" to "What is our costumers needs". From that process, the idea of a friendly ‘handshake’ between BRF and the costumer emerged. The proposed solution was a user-friendly website extending a hand and initiating a dialogue about the costumers needs and dreams. The solution also included a redesigned loan calculator so customers could explore their own options in order to better understand their own needs.

The process

Before the actual redesign of BRF’s digital offerings, we needed to understand the context of mortgage banking. In order to build on the correct insights, we carried out a competitor analysis to map BRF’s competitors and where they saw themselves, present and future. We also facilitated a number of stakeholder interviews and workshops in order to understand BRF’s services, products and context.


Through this insight phase the idea of a virtual ‘handshake’ emerged as the primary entry point for users, as well as providing the BRF service concepts as answers to the user’s needs.



Basing the redesign on the existing BRF website required a major reorganization of the content and information architecture in order to create a simple overview and user journey.

After the information architecture was consolidated in a sitemap, I designed wireframes for the different page types and wireframes for the entire loan calculator flow. The primary principle for these designs still being the ‘handshake’ as a first point of contact.


Loan calculator flow