January 14, 2019

Brand Experience

Nerdo Accessories and Jessens Leather Goods was an exiting start-up adventure in Aarhus. This passion project was a great challenge in designing quality brand, products and the encompasing user experiences.

In early 2012 my brother and I had a lot of fun creating accessories and custom t-shirts. The interest from friends and family quickly turned our side project into a small start-up named ‘Nerdo’ focusing on leather accessories.

A custom brand website, webshop, visual identity, global customers and more than 30 uniquely designed products later we were at a crossroads. We had to either go full time or shut down Nerdo. Since then the start-up has been passed on, rebranded to Jessens Leather Goods and scaled down to private production.

Below are a few highlights from Nerdo and Jessens Leather Goods.

The logo I designed when transitioning from Nerdo to Jessens. This logo was also used on our leather coasters and other products.

Our webshop showcasing a wide variety of leather products.

A small out take from an Iconography i designed for our website, marketing material, catalogues, presentations etc.

Our most popular product the 'Flip Fold Wallet'.

Our logo on our coasters.

Products on display at FindersKeepers in Aarhus.

Lessons learned

You don’t always have to go all in from the beginning. Sometimes it’s better to start out small and essentially embrace the fail fast. When we build the webshop for our start-up we wanted our customers to be able to pay with their credit cards, but the process of being approved and the fees were smothering to both our motivation and finances. In hindsight we should have tested much lighter solutions.