August 22, 2018

Fanfiction Board Game

I've always been fascinated by creating rules for play. So creating a boardgame based on the Star Wars universe has been the perfect creative outlet.

"This is the Trade Wars. A board game where you and your friends are the most powerful merchants of the galaxy. With luck and fortune as your allies, you must use every dirty trick to eliminate your rivals. It is your success and flourishing economy that in the end causes the bankruptcy of your opponents."

Star Wars: The Trade Wars is a small boardgame project based on the danish version of monopoly. The project included all graphic design of the game board and cards. Artwork and miniatures are borrowed from other boardgames.

Visit more than 20 of the original Star Wars planets

More than 50 starcards able to turn the tide or change your luck

Buy galactic corporations or control notorious crime syndicates

Design process

Since this has been somewhat of a passion project it has gone through three itterations. These itterations has included play testing with the family in order to figure out which cards was most fun, updating the graphics and design and finally the inclution of new lore with the release of several Star Wars movies.

This work is considered pure fanfiction and since I do not have any rights to artwork or the Star Wars franchise everything is freely available for download below.

Coming soon